5 Easy Floral Doodles

5 Dead-Simple Bujo Floral Doodles

No artistic skills? No problem. You can definitely draw these. 

Seriously. These are five super simple floral doodles that you can easily use in your bullet journal (or wherever else you want). 

I catch myself doodling these exact things all over everything. 

So fair warning – once they’re in your head, they’re not gonna leave.

First Things First…


Rather watch than read? No problem! You can watch in real-time by clicking the video below! 

Let’s Get Started!

No fancy supplies needed for this one!

Doodle #1

The first one is by far the easiest. 

Draw a line. Straight or curved? Doesn’t matter. Long or short? Doesn’t matter. Whatever you want. 

Then draw a little pointed leaf at the top.

Keep doing that on either side all the way down. I recommend you leave a little bit of extra space at the bottom (I think it looks really good that way). 

And that’s it!

Doodle #2

This one is a variation of #1. 

Draw whatever shape of line you want.

Come up to the top and draw a leaf just like you did for #1. BUT make it a little bit bigger this time and a little bit more pointed. 

Keep doing that all the way down, but be sure you’re adding a little stick out first before you add each leaf. 

They’re not all going to come out from the exact same spot, and they’re all gonna be a little bit different. You can make some shorter and some longer. You can even bring another stick out from existing ones. This will make it a little bit bushier.

Go wherever it takes you – add them wherever you want. The more random, the better! Keep adding these until you’re happy with it. 

You could also leave these little leaves empty if you want or fill them in.

Doodle #3

For the third doodle, you’re going to make even bigger leaves!

Draw line (whatever size/shape/length you want). 

Draw a nice long, skinny pointed leaf at the end. 

Draw a stick coming out with that same long pointy leaf and keep doing those all the way down.

Again, I like leaving a little bit of space on the bottom, but it’s your call. I think the space at the bottom just looks a little bit more organic. 

If you want more detail, you can draw a line down the middle of each leaf.

Doodle #4

For this one, you’re going to do buds instead of leaves. 

Draw your line.

Then come up to the top and draw a shape that looks like this – sort of an odd oval shape.

Then come out the other side and add a little bit of an extra one peeking out the side. It looks like the bed of a flower! 

All the way down, draw more sticks coming out and then buds on the ends. 

You can do these in different sizes or keep them all the same size.

Doodle #5

Time for berries!

Draw your line. And then you’re going to draw an extra line coming out the side like this. So this doodle will have two branches (which you could do with any of the doodles really!). 

At the top of your first line, draw a rounded shape with a little stick coming out of it.

And just keep doing that. Keep drawing more little sticks coming out of your first little sticks (sticks = branches LOL). 

Build up random assortments and random kinds of groupings of berries. The more random they are, the better. In nature, that’s how they appear – random! You don’t want any of these to look too perfect. 

Congrats! You’ve made FIVE doodles! Ready for a bonus one?


Lastly, you’re going to create a mixture of all of them. 

Draw your line. 

Next, draw your biggest leaf – add three or so of those. (These are from Doodle #3.)

Then add in a few of black ones – draw a small stick, add the leaf, fill it in. Okay. (These are from Doodle #2.)

Then add some buds. (From Doodle #4.)

Lastly, some berries. (From Doodle #5.) 

Note: I didn’t include any of the leaves from Doodle #1 because I didn’t want to make it too busy. You’re welcome to add them if you’d like, but I used the berries as filler as they finish things off really nicely.

And That’s A Wrap!

Five super easy doodles. One vine combining them all.

Honestly, if I could do that combo vine over again, I’d probably do without the berries or without the buds, but that’s what’s so great about these doodles… Anything goes! You can truly do anything you want – it is all up to you. You can combine them however you like. You can use them wherever you want (journals, cards, etc.). Enjoy! 

If you’re looking for more floral doodles, here’s another I think you’ll like!

And finally, your dad joke…

Why didn’t the 4 year old trust her doodle?
It was a little sketchy.


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