5 Books That Changed My Business – My Favourite Business Book Recommendations

Looking for some gift ideas for a creative entrepreneur, or maybe just a good read for yourself? Here’s a breakdown of five books that changed my business!

If you’re stuck on gift ideas, these are great book ideas for the creative entrepreneur in your life.

First Things First…

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Books Mentioned

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My #1 Book Recommendation: Overlap by Sean McCabe

This book is all about overlapping your side hustle with your full-time job, and the benefits!

My #2 Book Recommendation: Tribes by Seth Godin

This is all about finding your audience, leading, and serving them. It is KEY to building an online business.

My #3 Book Recommendation: Ask by Ryan Levesque

This is literally about learning “the counterintuitive method to discover exactly what your customers want to buy.” Spoiler alert! The method is to…Ask!

My #4 Book Recommendation: Atomic Habits by James Clear

This book is great not just for business but also for life in general. It’s all about breaking habits and making new ones.

My #5 Book Recommendation: Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck by Seth Godin

This book is my absolute favourite! It’s all full of snippets directly from the author’s blogs with advice that stands the test of time.

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