3 Brush Lettering Tips (PLUS Extra Help For Lefties!) with Younghae Chung

Younghae of Logos Calligraphy is sharing 3 of her favourite brush lettering tips. BONUS! Younghae has graciously shared her guide sheets with you!

Prefer to watch? Click below and see a lefty in action!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to make calligraphy easier for lefties 
  • Why you need to know your pen
  • How to figure out what paper positioning works for you
  • Why adjusting the angle of your pen makes a big difference
  • How to get interesting looking texture with water brushes 

Key takeaways from this lesson:

  1. The flexibility of each pen’s tip will give you a different writing experience
  2. Fine tip pens are best for beginners
  3. As a lefty, turning your paper 90 degrees to the right does wonders!
  4. A pencil is hands down the best tool to keep in your arsenal

Tools used in this video:

Resources mentioned:

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  1. This is exactly how I angle my paper and pen! It was wonderful to see someone who has done calligraphy professionally do beautiful work at that angle! Loved the orange brush pen texturing!

  2. The class for lefties might be my saving grace. I started in March following your class. I tried for months but I just could not get it. After watching this today, I tried turning my paper like that and the pressure for upstrokes and downstrokes was so much easier.

    Thank you so much for this class.

  3. Interesting. I’ll give it a try but while I am a lefty, I write with my hand under the base line and do not cross my hand over the lettering. So I’m not sure this addressed my need, but I’ll give it a try.

  4. I’ve experimented with this angle in the beginning of my brush lettering journey, then opted to hold my wrist curved and write above. Thinking I’m going to give this 90degree another try!

  5. Thank you so much for featuring this! I just love Younghae, and as a fellow lefty, I am continually inspired by her. I love her online flourishing course and highly recommend it, but this was great to see brush pens featured. With a small boy at home, I am using brush pens more often for practice, as pots of ink sitting out are a disaster waiting to happen! But the paper angle with brush pens is something I always struggle with. I tend to write underhanded with pointed pen, but have to write almost side hooked with brush pens to get the swells right. However, it never gives me that sweet spot, feels awkward, and smears are inevitable and frustrating. I am going to try to use Younghae’s paper angle and see if that works better. Great resource! Thank you so much!

  6. Always love your videos Becca!! I have not done brush lettering so
    it was very interesting to see the different brush pens and what they can do.
    I first saw Younghae on your You Tube site and took two online classes with her.
    Excellent classes and teacher. Thank you so much Becca!!

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