4 Tricks to Try When You're Feeling Uninspired

If you're like me, every once in a while you have days where you just aren't feelin' it. You know you should be practicing, you know you should be posting something to Instagram, you know you should be creating in general. But nothing is coming to mind. And it's sooooo frustrating.

Sure, this may be a sign that you need to take a little break (and rightfully so, usually). But what if you've taken a break, and now that uninspired feeling is even worse? Here are my tips for conquering that feeling and getting your productivity back.

Photo from https://k3schultz.wordpress.com/

Photo from https://k3schultz.wordpress.com/

1. Turn off your Instagram.

This one may sound counterintuitive. Instagram should be a place you go when you need inspiration. You could look at some other people's projects and get yourself started, right? Wrong. It'll make you feel worse about yourself because everyone else seems to have so many ideas and you don't.

Just turn it off. Just for now.


2. Practice your basics.

Stop thinking about making a beautiful final product. My favourite thing to do when I have zero inspiration is to just practice my basic strokes. The reason is simple: you're being productive. Productivity is a cycle- once you get started its easier to keep going... until you break it. Your problem right now is that you broke it, and you need something to get you re-started. So just put a brush pen in your hands, and draw your basic strokes. Over, and over, and over, and over again. (Bonus: use a pen you aren't very good with, and give it a bit of your undivided attention!)

Oh, and there's nothing wrong with posting your practice to Instagram. Your followers love seeing your practice just as much as they love seeing your final pieces.


3. Teach someone else. 

Photo by Joelle Martin of Studio GR Martin Photography

Photo by Joelle Martin of Studio GR Martin Photography

Teaching someone else never fails to make me feel more inspired. It'll get you talking about your passion, even if you don't feel like it- and it'll remind you how much you love it. You'll find yourself an hour into teaching and you'll have forgotten that you were uninspired at all.

Want a challenge? Try teaching your significant other. Especially if they couldn't care less about brush pens! The challenge will inspire you.


4. Listen to an inspiring podcast.

Need a little kick to get your productivity back? Listen to Sean Wes. This podcast is on in my car every single morning and never fails to get me back up and running. This is even better because he's a genius hand letterer- if you don't feel like listening, you can just look at his work and feel more inspired.

Photo & lettering by Sean Wes

Photo & lettering by Sean Wes


Want to make all your inspiration come even faster? Combine all 4 of these tips. Turn off your Instagram, turn on Sean Wes' podcast, crack out your brush pens and teach someone the basic strokes. BOOM.